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Hello! I'm Val,

and I don't drink coffee!

I am: Tech Tinkerer, Community Builder, Content Creator, Way Below Average Gamer, Father, and Proud Coffee Rebel

from São Paulo, Brazil

Valdecir Carvalho - Profile Picture

I am passionate about technology and the way it impact people lives while making it better.

With more than two decades in the IT industry, my career has covered extensive ground, including Pre-Sales, Cloud Solutions Architecture, Data Center management, and maintaining High Availability for businesses in the Technology and Financial Services sectors. I specialize in steering complex, high-budget projects to their completion, anchored in a solid foundation of technical architecture, team leadership, and comprehensive project management.

My experience has been marked by a commitment to technical and strategic leadership within infrastructure engineering, where I've made meaningful contributions at various levels of organizations. I excel in building and leading cross-functional teams, effectively engaging with stakeholders, and delivering impactful product demonstrations. My focus is always on driving success and satisfaction for our customers, prioritizing clear communication, and strategic planning to deliver practical, effective solutions. This approach has not only led to successful project outcomes but has also fostered innovation and progress within the teams and projects I've managed.

Beyond the bits and bytes, I've create and engaged tech communities, connecting tech enthusiasts across the world. Whether demystifying tech in workshops, or building network connections at events, I love collaboration and get people togheter. It's about more than just business—it's about creating experiences that resonate among people.

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Areas of Expertise

Cloud Solutions Architecture · Technical Pre-Sales · Customer Relationship Management · Technical Evangelism and Advocacy · Developer Relations · High Availability System Architecture · Infrastructure as Code (IaC) · Cloud Platform Integration · Containerization and Orchestration · DevOps · Virtualization · Infrastructure · Networking

I'm passionate about

(in no particular order)

Tech Communities · 3D Printing · Laser Cutting · Blogging · Public Speaking · 80's Movies · Entrepreneurship · Videogames · Homelabs/Self Hosting · Bibliographies ·

Get in touch! I'm currently open to work.